the pregnancy keep sake  you will always love



This is one of my favorite things to do with my clients.The cast I create is a multi layered reinforced and polished smooth. I polish the inside and out so you can get some amazing newborn pictures! 

You will have your cast with you as a beautiful memorial of this amazing time in your life! You can choose to hang your cast on the wall, turn it into a fruit bowl or even an plant hanger the sky is the limit and we will make sure your cast is a wonderful addition to your home. 

The Process

  • I will provided all the supplies and the apt will last 1-2 hours. 

  • The finished cast will be 2 centimeters thick and polished to a smooth finish. If want to paint your cast you are able to use any kind of paint on it. 

  • Your cast will be reinforced with Hydro-Stone which is also known as rock-hard. This ensures that your cast will last for you 

  • If you chose I can add a Henna design and seal your cast for you. 


What do you want to do with your cast

Newborn photos- to ensure you have a cast completed and ready to do week one baby pictures it is best to set your appointment at 37-38 weeks 

At your biggest- we will plan to do your cast on the day of delivery or at 40 weeks. Since it only takes about 30 min to get the cast on you and dry enough to be removed this option is totally do able! Call me as soon as you go into labor so that I can get there

Basic Cast


If you want to finish your cast this is the package for you! I will come to your house and provided all the supplies.

I will show you how to store your cast and walk you through the process on how to reinforce your cast so it will last for you.

You will keep your cast with you from start to finish 


Finished Cast 


This is a completed cast, reinforced with additional plaster as well as with Hydrostone. Your cast will be trimmed, sanded and have a hanging solution.

All finished casts are polished smooth your wont be able to see any plaster bandage lines. 

I will seal your cast with a white top coat to ensure it is prepared for the designs you are going to add 

Custom Design


The cast will be reinforced with hydrostone and polished smooth then we start on the design you want to have. I can transform your cast into a beautiful fruit bowl or a hanging basket for a plant. 

I also do custom henna designs to make your cast a work of art . 

The sky is the limit :)