Labor Support

The birth of your baby will be one of the memories you will always hold on to. For thousands of years the birthing person has had a support person at their side someone who is familiar with birth that creates a calm and positive environment.

Most of us give birth in a hospital where they provide us with medical care and a safe environment to deliver our baby. The one thing missing in most of hospitals is an anchor person. The one person that stays with you and your partner for the entire journey you are on. While your nurses will change shifts and your doctor will go home I will be there with you from start to finish. 

I have trained in many different modalities to help you with this process from breathing (yes, it makes a difference) to massage and positions. People often times compare child birth to a marathon or a mountain climb. having your partner and I there to help you accomplish your goals. We will identify what it is that you want how you want your birth to go and what will make you feel calm and comfortable.  

Proven benefits of having a Doula 

28% less likely for a cesarean
31% less likely to have synthetic Oxycontin 
9% less likely to need pain medication 
34% more likely to have a  positive birth experience 

My husband (partner) is my left hand and my doula is my right.

                                         – from Doulas Making a Difference

Why do the hospitals not have doulas on staff?

If you are like me you are constantly asking yourself that question. I mean we trust our doctors and we know that hospitals are set up to keep us safe so if everyone says doulas are necessary shouldn't they have them?

Well if you are like me check out this study from Cochrane review. It is an amazing read and may help you make up your mind on employing the services of a doula. 

Reach out to me if you find yourself going crazy with reading and reviews, There is a lot of info out there don't let yourself get overwhelmed!