Postpartum care

  • Breastfeeding counseling/Latch and positions help 

  • Soothing techniques

  • Belly Binding 

  • Breast pumping solutions and general how to's

  • Care for baby when parents needs the little things like a shower or even a nap

  • Baby wearing  

Getting you back to you
  • Sibling care 

  • Placenta meal preparation 

  • Postpartum massage for mother and baby

  • Processing your birth story

Baby Soothing Techniques 
There are many techniques to help soothe a crying baby I will help you with the 5 S's and some swaddles and more. Tips of the trade that make having a new born a smooth and fun experience  
General help for mother and family 
In the first weeks after child birth, it is best for baby and mommy to take a little honeymoon (or a baby moon as many call it). This is the time for mommy to heal from the delivery and for baby to get used to the new world he/she is in. While that is happening I will help with everything else like laundry, cooking, cleaning and letting you get some much needed sleep. 
Postpartum service can be as simple as a few days or as much as a few weeks depending on what you want for your family
Mothers physical recovery from birth
Whether Vaginal birth or C-section, its usually a long recovery time for mommy. There are some great ways that we can speed that time up. From sits baths to belly binding, we will help you to find your way back to you.