As a member of your support team, I provide unconditional, unbiased support to you and your partner throughout pregnancy and labor. Welcoming a new baby into your family, whether it is the first time, or the fifth, is overwhelming and emotionally charged. I will be there for you through out this whole process 



  • Access to my lending library 

  • Putting together the birth plan 

  • Covering hospital interventions 

  • Pain management 

  • Prenatal Massage 

  • Yoga Positions 

  • Belly Casting 

  • What to pack for the hospital 

  • Prepping the home for baby

Pregnancy is an amazing ride there are times you feel empowered and ready to go and others that you are stressed about what is going to happen. This is totally normal and to be expected. However since we have medicalized birth as a culture we are not exposed to it as we used to be and with that we have gone from sharing our positive birth stories to telling war stories. It seems we are all programmed now to tell a expecting mother everything bad that happened during our pregnancy and labor. Unfortunately this makes us uneasy about this process we are in. That is where I come in. I am going to help you to process any worries you have and help you set boundaries that will keep you safe and emotionally confident through your pregnancy. 

We will meet at least two times at your home to walk through any questions you may have about what is going on. I will come to your house at the first contraction and stay with you until you and your new baby are tucked in and ready to a nap. 

I will provide you with support and comfort labor practices to help with your physical and mental comfort and education as you need it. Lets not let others stories dictate how your birth will go! By working together we are going to ensure that you have an amazing birth experience and later in life when people are sharing birth stories you can be the voice of inspiration! 

Once you find out you are pregnant it seems that you have more questions and worries then you ever knew were possible. Connecting with your Doula is the best way to feel calm and confident while taking on this journey 

      ~Dr. Thompson OBGYN